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We were thrilled to have contributed to the visual identity of Kyra, a dynamic digital media company, through the design of a custom typeface. This typeface plays a pivotal role in Kyra’s rebranding, executed by All Purpose Studio, by providing a versatile and expressive typographic palette that resonates with Kyra’s diverse and vibrant audience.

Kyra’s rebranding aimed to capture the essence of its youthful and digital-savvy audience. The challenge was to develop a typeface that could seamlessly integrate into various digital platforms while maintaining a unique and consistent visual identity. The typeface needed to be flexible, expressive, and capable of enhancing the overall brand experience.

The custom typeface we designed has significantly contributed to the success of Kyra’s rebranding by providing a versatile and expressive typographic solution. The typeface not only enhances the visual appeal of Kyra’s brand but also ensures consistency and readability across various digital platforms. We are proud to see our type design in use, creating a distinctive brand identity for Kyra that resonates with a digital generation.

“An expressive variable typographic palette compliments the diversity of Kyra’s audience.”


All Purpose Studio (Branding)
Newglyph (Type Design: Ian Party)