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Empower Your Typography with Design Space and Axes Newglyph is at the forefront of an exciting shift in type design technology and history. Our type designer, Ian Party,  is dedicated to extensive research, creative design, and font development to provide you with the ultimate solutions for your modern-day communication needs.

While variable font technology is on the rise, some supporting design software is still catching up. For instance, PDF exports may not fully support variable fonts yet. That’s precisely why, when you purchase our fonts or download our free trials, we offer both variable fonts and OTF format files. Having access to both formats from the outset ensures you’re well-prepared for the future, and you can transition seamlessly when design technology aligns with the capabilities of variable fonts.

Variable fonts redefine creative possibilities. Unlike traditional font families, which consist of separate font files for different styles, variable fonts are your all-in-one design powerhouse. They store a comprehensive range of styles within a single font file, encompassing diverse weights, widths, italics, and other style variations.

By installing variable fonts you are unlock the full potential of your design software with just a single file, you’ll gain access to a myriad of styles. For example, in InDesign, simply navigate to Character section to explore a world of style options. Or effortlessly adjust the axes, weight, contrast, and italics to achieve the perfect look for your projects. This incredible versatility makes it easier than ever to design and choose the right font style.

What makes variable fonts truly special are the ‘design space’ and ‘Axes.’ The design space sets the boundaries and playground for the fonts, while the Axes provide a dynamic charm. With the freedom to move and adjust axis sliders, you can transform the font’s design structure. In our variable fonts, you’ll find three key axes: width, weight, and contrast.

It’s the magic of variable fonts and their design axes that empower you to explore creative possibilities within design software. For example, when working with InDesign, you can effortlessly adapt the font to perfectly match your unique visual communication needs. Your design journey just found a new dimension – embrace it with Newglyph.


Our fonts alphabet includes a standard Latin character set (add visual specimen)


We provide formats in Variable font (TTF, OTF, WOFF 2) and single styles (OTF, TTF, WOFF2) files are included in with your purchase.


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