Your One-Time License for Endless Creativity

Welcome to our contemporary license that covers all your visual communication needs. With a single one-time license fee, you gain access to our fonts for desktops, websites, mobile apps, electronic publications, broadcasting, videos, films, merchandising, and social media use. What’s more, you’ll enjoy free updates, and for students and aspiring designers, we offer free trials and exclusive discounts, ensuring that the next generation of creative minds can embark on their journey with ease.

Unleash Your Creativity Across All Mediums

In today’s ever-evolving market, communication takes countless forms, transcending the confines of a single medium. When you opt for our standard license, you secure the number of computer licenses you purchased for your company – no need to purchase additional licenses for each specific medium or media outlet. With Newglyph, you have the freedom to employ our fonts across every medium and media outlet imaginable.

As a valued license holder, you have the liberty to use our fonts repeatedly, across multiple projects, for various clients, and within an unrestricted array of mediums, including print, websites, mobile apps, electronic publications, broadcasting, videos, films, merchandising, and more. Your creative potential knows no bounds.

Should your company require additional computer licenses or if you need to purchase fonts on behalf of your clients, we’re here to assist. Simply reach out to us at, and we’ll ensure your licensing needs are met.

Desktop Computers License: Empowering Your Creative Space

Our license grants you and/or your company an allocation of the number of Desktop licenses you purchased. This means you’re entitled to install our fonts on computers owned by you or your organization. This license also extends to the unlimited use of our fonts for broadcasting and apps.

It’s important to note that if you need fonts on behalf of a client, their requirements don’t fall under your licenses. In such cases, additional licenses can be obtained to ensure compliance and the uninterrupted flow of creativity. For more information or if your company requires more computer licenses, please reach out to us at We’re here to support your licensing needs, ensuring you have the freedom to create without constraints.

Explore with Free Trial Fonts

Dive into our world of creativity with ease – all our variable fonts are available for free trials! You can effortlessly test them on your computer, integrating them into your designs, and experience their potential firsthand. No need to log in or create an account; simply download them and embark on your design journey.

Our trial fonts are accessible at the click of a button, located conveniently on the font page. Please note that our variable font trial versions feature a reduced character set, encompassing full Latin upper and lower cases with basic punctuation. This ensures you can seamlessly test our fonts with your preferred software and integrate them into your print or screen designs. The power of creative exploration is in your hands.

Seamless Font Updates

When you make a font purchase, you’re not just investing in the present – you’re securing a future filled with innovation. With Newglyph, your purchase automatically qualifies you for free updates. As soon as an update becomes available, you’ll receive a notification, allowing you to effortlessly download the font via your Newglyph account at no additional cost. Stay on the cutting edge of design with our hassle-free update system.


Empowering the next generation of creative minds is at the heart of our mission. With our student discount, you gain access to our fonts at an affordable CHF 50. But this isn’t just a one-time deal – it’s a gateway to a lifetime of creativity.

When you purchase a font with a student discount, you’re securing a lifetime license. This means you can use these fonts not only throughout your academic journey but also during your professional career and beyond. Plus, you’ll enjoy access to all future updates in our font collections. With Newglyph, your creative journey knows no bounds, and your potential is limitless.