How to Apply for Your Student Discount

Getting your student discount is a breeze. Simply pick the font(s) you desire and complete the student discount application form. Alongside your application, provide us with a snapshot of your student ID. If your school doesn’t issue student IDs, no worries – we accept alternative documents that confirm your student status. These documents should demonstrate your enrollment in the school and include, at a minimum, your name and the dates of your enrollment. Whether it’s a contract, an agreement, an email, or any other document that verifies the required information, it works for us. We’re here to make the process as smooth as possible for you!

Join the Newglyph Ambassadors Program

Elevate your design journey with our Ambassadors Program – a unique opportunity to be part of our vibrant design community. We’re here to forge both local and global connections, creating a dynamic network of talented design ambassadors. Our Ambassadors are the creative driving force behind our fonts. They’re the innovative minds who put our typefaces to the test, seamlessly integrating them into real-world scenarios. Their insights and expertise help us craft fonts that seamlessly fit across various mediums and digital platforms. Are you a student or a young designer with a passion for design and a desire to represent us? We want you on board! Join us in this exciting adventure. If you crave more information or are ready to apply to become one of our valued Ambassadors, reach out to us at Your journey with us is just an email away.