How are the fonts delivered?

When your online payment has been processed and completed, you will be directed to the download section of the website and will be able to download the fonts instantly. Only the Licensee can download the fonts. If the Purchaser and Licensee are different, then the purchaser will get the receipt and the Licensee will be emailed a link to download the font files. All fonts downloaded are in a compressed .zip file.

I can’t find my fonts…

Web browsers will download files to a specified “downloads” folder on your computer. You should do a search or check your ‘downloads’ folder.

Installing fonts on a Mac

To activate a font, simply drag the font files into the Fonts folder, located inside the Library folder. 
Macintosh HD > Library > Fonts (A short-cut to the Mactontosh HD is to press ‘shift+cmd+C’ in the finder.)

Or you can use Font Book, free with Mac OSX, to install the fonts. More information can be found on the support section of the Apple website.

Installing fonts on a Windows PC

Uncompress the downloaded .zip file so you can access the font files. (For desktop, formats available in .TTF and .OTF)

You can copy and paste your fonts into the system’s Fonts folder on any Windows system (Win XP to Win 8). It installs your fonts at once. In order to access the newly installed fonts you have to re-start any application you’ve been using.

Windows 10
Installing your fonts is simple on a Windows 10 operating system. Navigate to the folder containing the fonts and select any you wish to install. Right-click and select “Install” or “Install as shortcut” from the fly-out menu. In order to access the newly installed fonts, you have to re-start any application you’ve been using. “Install” will create a copy of the selected fonts in the system’s Fonts folder. “Install as shortcut” will create a link to your files and you can access them as long as they remain in the same folder. This saves some space on your hard drive.

Windows XP
From the Start menu, select the Control Panel and double-click on the Fonts folder icon. Here, select “Install New Font” from the File menu and navigate to the folder containing the fonts. Once there, the fonts appear in the “List of Fonts” field. Select any you wish to install, making sure the “Copy Fonts to Fonts Folder” box is checked and press “OK”. In order to access the newly installed fonts you have to re-start any application you’ve been using.

Install Webfonts

We provide webfonts for self-hosting use on your website. All major browser platforms support webfonts, but not all in the same way. We provide the font formats WOFF2 and Variable VF that must be included in order to target all browsers. Unfortunately, due to the many ways of installing the webfont, we cannot help you to do it. We advise you to be helped by a web developer or by browsing the web. Also, we do not offer a webfont hosting service. Please read our End User License Agreement (EULA) for self-hosting and embedding information.

How to Apply for the Student Discount

Select the font(s) you want and fill out the student discount application form and provide a picture of your student ID. You will need a student ID to complete the online application.

If your school does not issue school ID’s you can provide a document that proves you are a student. This file needs to prove your enrolment in the school and must contain (at least) your name and dates of your enrolment. Any kind of document that mentions the information required can work (contract, agreement, email, student ID, etc.).