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Our collaboration with MoonPay, a leading financial technology company specializing in payments infrastructure for cryptocurrency. MoonPay’s mission is to provide a seamless experience for converting between fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies using all major payment methods. As part of their rebranding effort, MoonPay commissioned Newglyph to design a custom typeface that would enhance their brand identity across various communication platforms.

MoonPay operates in over 160 countries and is trusted by more than 300 leading wallets, websites, and applications to accept payments and combat fraud. The challenge was to develop a custom typeface that could reflect MoonPay’s innovative and trustworthy nature while ensuring consistency across all brand touchpoints. The typeface needed to be versatile, with multiple weights and variations, to adapt to various uses from digital interfaces to marketing materials.

Newglyph designed Luna, a custom typeface with several weights and variations, including condensed and expanded styles. The core branding for MoonPay utilizes Luna Condensed Black, Luna Medium, and Luna Regular to maintain consistency across all communication platforms.

Typography is a critical component of brand identity, and Luna plays a significant role in defining MoonPay’s visual presence. This custom typeface ensures a cohesive and professional look across their communication.

Luna custom typeface has significantly contributed to MoonPay’s rebranding by providing a versatile and consistent typographic solution. The typeface not only enhances the visual appeal of MoonPay’s brand but also ensures coherence across various communication platforms. We are proud to see Luna in use, supporting MoonPay’s mission to offer seamless cryptocurrency payment solutions globally.


Moonpay (branding)
Newglyph (Type design: Ian party)